Thibault Montaufray

Thibault Montaufray

DesignOps / Product Design / Creative Engineer

Partly Remote FR / CH

I can help you select the best design workflows from the early stages of your project to the final interface of your product. I also support the production effort by managing, designing and developing myself. During the last 12 years as a professional Digital Designer, I worked on Financial, Industrial, Military, Distribution, Mobile and Marketing projects. More than 20 years after writing my first line of HTML, I still love to solve issues with Design and Frontend solutions.

Recently, at BNP PARIBAS CIB, I built a documented Design System with ReactJS and Storybook for the new bank's marketplace of cloud digital services. It resulted in faster teams' workflows, a better product experience and a reduced screen production time.

I am open to any new collaboration, as occasional support for your teams or for a longer term project. It all starts with a call or an appointment. My work can be done remotely with weekly physical follow-up meetings or on site at your office. My fees are fixed per day or global package, depending on your project.

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English TOEIC 900+ French


2006 2009IMAC, Paris-Est University

The goal of this school is to train creative engineers to develop and manage R&D, Digital, Visual Effects, VR projects in industrial and media fields.


UX Design, La Fabrique

2008 2008 Laval University, Québec City

A deep focus on User Centric and Product Design with pratical training at the Art Departement of Laval University in Québec.

User Centric DesignNielsenAccessibilityWeb Design

Institute of Technology

2003 2005 Paris-Est University

This training provides wide knowledge in the Digital Services and Communication fields completed by detailed classes on technical implementations.

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Jul 2015 Jul 2019 Paris, FR
Design System Operations Lead
IV2 Marketplace

2018 Second Best Finance Technology Team

Thibault did an amazing job during the last 4 years with us at BNP Paribas CIB. From ideation to production, his knowledge, skills and expertise allowed to rapidly create well designed products and services that are currently used by thousands of users on a daily basis. Looking forward to work with him again !


Global Head of Customers @BNP PARIBAS CIB

IV2 Marketplace (Infrastructure V2) is the interface of BNP Paribas CIB's new cloud infrastructure. It manages the choice, ordering, delivery, monitoring, control of cloud products and business services via a unified interface. It is also a collaborative digital space for the co-creation of infrastructure elements, support and production planning. Ultimately, it will include all digitizable or already digitized services within CIB.

  • Plan the Design System roadmap and cost
  • Daily and weekly upstream report to managers
  • Design and development of the system with fast iteration prototyping
  • Create a full Atomic Design structure in ReactJS
  • Create full system documentation and guidelines in Storybook
  • Pair with developers to find the best implementation strategies
  • Match the system with scaling and developer efficency requirements
  • Realize design improvements according to user feedbacks
  • Respond to expert and non-expert users interface needs
  • Maintain existing IV2 Marketplace screens and ease legacy
  • Build new dashboard and marketing screens with the Design System
  • Manage progressive full interface refactoring in Agile
  • Find solutions to reduce frontend technical debt

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2012 Now Grenoble, FR
Front-end Design Expert

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Thibault is an excellent polyvalent frontend designer. He is one of the only people I know who are able to design apps and websites directly in CSS. I recommend him if you want to build a modular and reusable design system or iterate very fast on your front-end.

Fabrice Bernhard

Cofounder & Group CTO @Theodo - Deloitte Fast50

I'm helping digital project teams with design matters by following a Design Thinking process. I have the chance to evolve with highly skills developers and product owners on challenging interface projects.

  • Build a documented proprietary Design System for financial interfaces
  • Lead design operations in Agile technical workflows
  • Manage large frontend redesign roadmaps
  • Create production ready interfaces for websites and mobile apps
  • Design and wireframe digital products for industry and startups
  • Optimize product experience on existing interfaces
  • Conduct user research to guide redesign actions
  • Manage user experience on multiple devices
  • Iterative fast online prototyping for industry
  • Pair with developers for better design efficency
  • Ease frontend design technical debt in legacy codebase
  • Use of serverless technology stacks for direct clients

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Jan 2009 Dec 2011 Paris, FR

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As a co-founder, I'm in charge of managing the design team and delivering identity and digital content for the agency clients' productions.

  • Management of the company and strategic roadmaps
  • Daily project management and design operations lead
  • Wireframes and Art Direction for clients' productions
  • Publish production ready responsive HTML & SCSS
  • Budgets and pre-production technical requirements

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Jan 2008 Dec 2008 Paris, FR
Digital Project Manager

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As a project manager intern, my mission was to manage daily operations on digital projects directly with clients and production teams.

  • Report to clients, planning, budget watch
  • Anticipate and adjust technical requirements
  • Organize production adjustements when needed
  • Create wireframes and journey maps during conception phases
  • Help the marketing team on clients' proposals

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Apr 2007 Aug 2007 Los Angeles, CA
3D Motion Designer

Bet NetworksThe CWNBCApploff Entertainment

Fisheggs is a creative design studio that operates for American TV Shows and broadcast companies. As an apprentice, I can extend my motion design and 3D compositing knowledge.

  • Propose Art Direction and concept boards for clients
  • Create 3D models and animation concepts in Cinema4D
  • Post-produce complex compositings scene for shows openings
  • Design and adjust on-set graphics for TV shows

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Feb 2005 Dec 2005 Paris, FR

Multimedia DESIGNER


This first work experience (3 internships) gives me an great overview of what a 360 agency is made of. There, I can learn from professionals the design basics of Print, Motion, Digital, Editing and 3D animation.

  • Digital design and production for online DVD campaigns
  • Design of print DVD packaging
  • 3D modeling and animation for DVD TV ads
  • Post-production for movie trailers and ads

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